Who am I?


I’m a personal trainer and nutrition scientist/nutritionist. I can work with you anywhere you like - no matter the place / no matter where.

You sure know something about the role of a personal trainer.

  • They help you lose weight.
  • They work at the gym.
  • They improve your look.

But that’s not all! A good trainer should look at you holistically - assess your health, take a closer look at your hormones and adjust a training plan to your health condition and physical condition.

A wide range of personal training services and individual attitude are the key to your success - and you’re here to make it big!


Massage Treatments



You can choose from a range of massage treatments to have at home or wherever suits you. I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself.

  • A classic massage treatment accelerates regeneration. It improves blood and lymph circulation; it also reduces exercise - induced muscle soreness. The treatment supplies muscles with oxygen and nutritional substances. It removes toxins. As a result, muscles work more effectively and regenerate faster.
  • A sports massage treatment is similar to a classic massage, but it requires more strength and energy. The treatment is an integral element of biological regeneration used in professional training programmes. It also helps prevent injuries, eliminates the effects of overtraining, warms you up, relaxes muscles and prevents post-workout muscle soreness (DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness).
  • A relaxation massage treatment releases muscle, nervous and psychological tension. This is a perfect way to overcome physical and mental fatigue. I always use the olive or avocado essence when giving a massage. The treatment is accompanied by relaxing music and candles.

Diet is part and parcel of healthy lifestyle. Our children come down with illnesses more often, our immune system is weakened, young women have problems with getting pregnant, numbers of people have hormone imbalance… It is rarely attributed to bad eating habits. Health starts in the kitchen and diet therapy is the missing piece of the puzzle. Nutrition matters!

Add exercise to your daily routine and enjoy health benefits. Setting goals is essential, but you need to use common sense. It’s important to adjust a training plan to your health condition and musculoskeletal system. For example, high-intensity interval training isn’t for everyone. Do you want to get rid of fat tissue, build muscle or keep your body fit? You’re in the right place.

Price list


  • Massage 30min - 20€
  • Massage 1h - 30€
    (classic massage treatment, relaxation massage treatment, deep tissue massage treatment and sports massage treatment; sports massage - only 30 min)


  • Plan dietetyczny, rozpiska tygodniowa - 35€
  • Plan dietetyczny, rozpiska 2-tygodniowa - 50€
  • Plan dietetyczny, rozpiska 4-tygodniowa - 80€
  • Konsultacja dietetyczna - 30€


  • Trening personalny - 1h - 30€
  • Trening grupowy - 1h - 7€/ osoba
  • Plan treningowy - 30€